December 5-7, 2017San Jose Convention CenterSan Jose, CA

Designers of Things Showcase

See, touch, and listen to the technology of the future. For the first time ever, ESC Silicon Valley will hold a Designers of Things (DoT) Showcase on the tradeshow floor. The showcase features 10 inventors and/or startups who have designed and developed a new, innovative, and potentially life-changing piece of technology. All expo attendees and exhibitors have access to these up and coming engineers and designers and their products in categories including 3D Printing, robotics, wearables, sensors, hardware, software, smart devices, and more!

Colette | Dot | The Sensel Morph | Ziro | Yugen | R1000A Platform | The Bodbox | Atta-matic




Product Description: Colette is a Tesla Works sponsored project with a mission: protecting valuables with a customizable, biometric smart purse. The team of students is utilizing its technical abilities to incorporate slash-proof, self-locking, and GPS tracking technologies into the product design.


  • Joan Dao, Project Manager – Neuroscience
  • Austin Hegland - Communications/Political Science
  • Abby Meyer - Actuarial Science/ Math
  • Joan Zheng - Computer Science
  • Laura Zelgeski - Mechanical Engineering
  • Julie Weber - Computer Science
  • Shannon Moskowitz - Chemistry
  • Matthew Hess - Electrical Engineering
  • Andrew Berkowitz - Apparel Design, Marketing, App Development (CoCreateX affiliate)

Backstory: Joan Dao’s mother was running errands in May 2015 when two strangers loitering at the grocery store grabbed her purse from her shoulder and attacked her. Most of my work is service oriented, especially towards helping women and disadvantaged persons. So I wanted to create something that would alleviate this problem so that it doesn't keep happening and empower women to go out with a sense of security of their possessions.



Product Description: Dot is the physical push notification that tells your phone where you are so that it understands your behaviors and patterns in the places that make up your life (bedroom, living room, garage, backyard, work, car, etc). Dot serves a dual purpose: it provides ultra-precise location data to your smartphone, and allows users to create extensible, interactive interfaces anywhere. This combination creates an invaluable asset when dealing with data — context.


  • Rahul Ramakrishnan
  • Kunal Chaudhary
  • Rishabh Parikh
  • Grant Empey
  • Anuj Chaudhary

Backstory: The idea of Dot came exactly a year ago. It was an combination of two events. The first was that my co-founder and I were at a restaurant and saw a family all on their smartphones, constantly checking the buzzing of their phones and not paying attention to their own family. We thought we should do something about this. Then we watched 2001: A Space Odyssey with HAL 9000 and thought that it would be awesome if there was some sort of personal secretary that streamlines your life and your phone.


The Sensel Morph

Product Description: The Sensel Morph is a new kind of input device that uses the next generation of touch technology. Containing 20,000 pressure sensors, it detects a range of pressures along with multi-touch, allowing it to detect any object. Since it’s able to detect pressure in this way, we have created overlays that allow the device to “morph” into many different devices, and you can even create your own overlays and thus your own “forms” of the Morph.

Team: The two co-founders are Ilya Rosenberg and Aaron Zarraga

Backstory: We wanted to create something that utilized the new touch technology we'd created and allowed users to step away from all of the restrictions of fixed devices.



Product Description: World’s first hand-controlled robotics kit


  • Raja Jasti - CEO
  • Dr Karthik Ramani - Chief Scientist
  • Tanuj Siddharth - Design Engineer
  • Ansh Verma - Mechanical Engineer
  • Nikhil Jali - Electronics Engineer c. Backstory: Our main idea was to apply natural user interactions (NUI) to make robotics really simple and fun. The idea came from a popular toy design class Dr. Karthik Ramani teaches at Purdue University.

Backstory: Our main idea was to apply natural user interactions (NUI) to make robotics really simple and fun. The idea came from a popular toy design class Dr. Karthik Ramani teaches at Purdue University.



Product Description: Yugen uses a wireless EEG headset to read conscious thought and emotion, turning it into external control of software and hardware. The control data is input to generative audio visual composition software that enables the user to intelligently and/or sub-consciously compose music and visuals based on their thoughts and emotions.

Team: Colin Harrington - Audio/Visual Engineer

Backstory: I am a natural lucid dreamer. I have been describing my dreams to people since I was 3 years old to looks of skepticism. I needed a way to let people see and hear my dreams.


R1000A Platform (known as JuicyBoard)

Product Description: R1000A is a modular platform for developing robotics applications such as 3D printers and CNC machines. The true value of the platform is that it allows flexible reconfiguration of hardware resources to match the target application without the need to redesign any PCBs in the system.

Team: Sherif Eid

Backstory: My goal of creating the R1000A platform is to allow individuals who are not electrical engineers able to hack, modify or create their own robotic application. R1000A is well suited for stationary high power applications such as CNC machines. R2000 (coming in 2017) will be targeted to build moving applications such as drones or cars


The Bodbox

Product Description: The Bodbox is the world's first robotic AI trainer. Pick a persona to train towards on The Bodbox app. It gives you a workout, daily diet, and motivation that are perfect for YOU. The Bodbox has hacked fitness and is becoming the smartest trainer we've ever seen.


  • Chuck Katis – Founder
  • Zak Aossey + Sean Mahoney – management
  • the robot

Backstory: After just missing his shot at the 2016 Olympics, Chuck recognized that we rely on billions of human inputs and decisions to get the body and performance we want. We already track a countless amount of data points on ourselves and we trust computers to run the majority of our daily lives. - Chuck asked himself: "why don't we let them directly train us to be physically better?" Bodbox smart robot trainer is a groundbreaking new way to leverage machine learning and a human-like hardware to help us all take a step toward reaching our goals faster and more efficiently. A trainer robot you can take anywhere. 



Product Description: Atta-matic, mind the body, is a series of three speculative and whimsical wearable devices that highlight the disconnect between our mind and body in the sedentary lifestyle. The “Keybod” is a computer keyboard worn on the upper body that forces the wearer to be mindful of the practice of typing as well as their posture. "Click-kick" are shoe covers that work as a computer's mouse with existing energetic movements controlling its cursor. "Text-neck" is a collar piece that disrupts its wearer, helping them to avoid staying in a bad posture longer than desired when interacting with a smartphone.


  • *Nitcha Fame Tothong, New Media Designer & Creative Technologist
  • Collaborated Technologist: Tharit Tothong -
  • Garment Design Assistance for Keybod: Hayley Qu
  • Director of Photography: Victor Chen -
  • Cast: Toto L.
  • Film score: Xzayoso -
  • Advisor: Marko Tandefelt, Loretta Wolozin, Melanie Crean, Ethan Silverman, Anthony Deen, Adiel Fernandez
  • Special Thanks: Tothong Family, Youngmin Kim, Yuchen Zhang, Chuck Kuan

Backstory: I came from a background of graphic design and animation. I personally spend more than ten hours a day sitting in front of a computer. I started to develop health problems such as back pain. I noticed that my consciousness was disconnected from my body when I was using digital devices. I began to question how modern behaviors or new common gestures have been shaped by our tools and machines, especially in the context of our sedentary lifestyle, where people spend the majority of their day seated in front of a computer.


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