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White Papers

Operational Network Security Solution Brief

Dell (Booth 1824)

4 steps to address unique operational network security challenges

As the Internet of Things (IoT) promises powerful business outcomes from connected sensor-based solutions, the Operations Technology (OT) business challenge is that cyber attacks on operational environments threaten two key metrics: safety and productivity... » more.

Factory Optimization Solution Brief

Dell (Booth 1824)

5 steps to enabling a cognitive, data-driven, smart factory

The top strategic objectives in the manufacturing industry have remained consistent for years, with many centered on serving customers. Industrial companies want to deliver customers high quality products, on time, at a globally competitive cost... » more.

Real-time Quality Control Solution Brief

Dell (Booth 1824)

6 steps to optimizing real-time quality control using the IoT

In many industries manufacturing is constantly having to retool and recalibrate production lines for new products, variations in raw materials, deviations or substitutions in parts, and general process drift... » more.

Zero Touch Onboarding for IoT

Intel Corp. (Booth 1427)

"Marshal Point" - An EPID Enhanced Privacy ID POC Enable your IoT solutions to automate, secure, and scale device registration

Device Onboarding - an Unsolved Problem
Today, the onboarding process for IoT typically takes over 20 minutes per device. This involves coordination among installation techs, network admins, and IoT operations... » more.

STMicroelectronics: Providing all the building blocks for "Smart Things" in the "Internet of Things"

STMicroelectronics (Booth 1527)

The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is opening the potential for billions of "smart" things to communicate with each other using the nearly ubiquitous Internet Protocol technology. From sports aids that monitor performance to traffic lights that switch to keep traffic flowing, these smart things are changing our world... » more

Wireless Solutions for Virtually Every IoT Design

Symmetry Electronics (Booth 1515)

Multiple standards cover the range of requirements for the myriad applications targeting the burgeoning Internet of Things.

The Internet of things (IoT) is one the most discussed and analyzed topics in technology today. IoT is leading the development of countless new business models, inventions, services, and software. Technologies supporting the growing number of IoT applications continue to advance to keep pace with this rapidly... » more.

Increases in computational power, improved energy efficiency in electronics, and the growth of the IoT industry in recent years are supporting advances in consumer and enterprise drones.

Symmetry Electronics (Booth 1515)

Why are drones so fascinating to technology aficionados? Well for starters they’re just plain awesome. Then there’s the fact that they allow us to solve everyday problems in the most high-tech, complicated ways possible. You may ask how that’s practical, but that’s like asking a 10-year old boy if his nuclear powered car really needs a rocket booster strapped to the roof ... » more.

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